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Jos Verbeeck


Jos Verbeeck is born in Belgium on February 1957, 6. At fourteen, he wins over 80 races in trotting under saddle in Belgium, then dedicates to harness. He wins his first success in france on August 1985, 3 in Enghien, then wins his first race in Vincennes on September 1986, 17 during an evening fixture. That evening, Jos Verbeeck dominates from start to finish, a racing tactics in which he excels and with which he will fastly trust his victories. Hailed as the “gold sulky” in France in 1995,1996, 1997, et 1999, he succeeds in making the most difficult horses get off and even wins 186 successes in a year. Therefore, he becomes the first catch-driver exercising in France. More and more coachs ask for his collaboration all over Europe, because if Jos Verbeeck succeeds in getting off the horses faster than the others and in keeping them trotting, he also revolutionizes the French races driving with spotwatch. The races he participates in take place at his own rhythm and the SEA COVE Prix d' Amérique in 1994 in which he took over 60 metres lead on the pack at halfway will remain one of his biggest audacities. Jos Verbeeck knows  the waiting race. He illustrated it with DRYADE DES BOIS during the whole 1997 season in Europe before winning the American Prize thanks to this tactics.

Even if he races less in France since 2002, this crack-driver remains nevertheless the partner above all else of the horses of Grand Prix all over Europe. No one better than him succeeds in appreciating a horse and his long-term success’ prospects. He can also completely change the harnessing and the shoeing of an extreme outsider 20 minutes before the start and win easily surprising everyone.


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