Very latest doses of Braedale GOLDWYN sold in Switzerland- November 2015 : Swiss Agent Jamil Boukarabila Jaquemet still believes in a bright future with the very best bull of Holstein breed from the last decades

One of the most versatile, polyvalent, seasoned agents, courtiers, brokers on the international markets (renewable energies, property real estate, horse business in high competition range) has just signaled for the attention of the sector of quality dairy farms and Holstein bovine breeding being adjudged the very latest of frozen semen of the best bull in the world, during the last decades, of the Holstein breed.

In fact, Jamil Boukarabila Jaquemet, better known among swiss farming circles under his patronym « Jaquemet » took advantage of the godsend offered by the « SWISSGENETICS TOP SALE » which was held at Brunegg at the end of November 2015, to acquire the precious frozen straws of the Canadian bull Braedale GOLDWYN, who passed away already a few years ago. Braedale GOLDWYN with over 2000 daughters classed « Excellent » and « Grand Champions » on the most prestigious rings in Europe and across the Atlantic, is not likely to be dethroned in the next few years so much has he left an indelebile imprint on the genetics of the Holstein breed.


The agent Jamil Boukarabila Jaquemet (on the left) and the auctioneer Andreas Aebi (on the right) surround the former President of the Swiss Confederation, Ueli Maurer, during an auction at Langnau in November 2015.

(copyright: S. Zniber)






The famous bull of the Holstein breed Braedale GOLDWYN has fathered very numerous ring champions in the whole world and his sons succeed him in the hit parade of reproducers of the dairy cattle breed today.

(copyright: Patty Jones)





The « 2013 Horses of the World Special Award »  


With a certain delay in respect to last year’s election and verdict which took place during the CHI-Geneva at Palexpo, the Jury of this second edition of the « Horse of the World Special Award » only pronounced on the occasion of the « Mercedes-CSI Zurich 2014 » at the Hallenstadion in the Swiss banking capital.

Questioned about the reasons for having thus displaced the date of this announcement, Jamil Boukarabila put it this way : « It is, of course, with great regret on our part that the horse show in Geneva was no longer able to be the venue of this announcement. We are obliged to follow the change which indeniably puts, from now on, the great horse show of Zurich as one of the major events of the international scene in the discipline, in front of all the Swiss horse shows. The engagement and visibility of the very first sponsors at Zurich, Mercedes-Benz for a long time, but also Rolex until last year since associated with the final of the World Show-Jumping Cup, and so many others, also convinced us to make this choice. Even so it is necessary to point out that probably, in order to remain in the Swiss Romande, we would have opted for the LONGINE GLOBAL CHAMPIONS TOUR of Jan Tops at Lausanne, if i twas not held so late in the season.

At this beginning of 2014, horse lovers, and enthusiasts of Equidae in general, welcomed with surprise but enthusiasm the announcement of the result of this prize for the second year awarded to an original enterprise where Equidae are kings, above all economics interests and the recommendations of the usual circles engaged in competitions at the highest level. The Beni-Ammar Festival, but ther also its courageous, innovative Moroccan inhabitants in the spirit of their enterprise are thus the winners of this second « Horses of the World Special Award ».

***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Here is the official annoucement of the jury of Horses of the World, made public at the awarding of the prizes of the Mercedes Classic-Longines FEI World Cup (which crowned Toulago and his rider Pius Schwizer, who again entered the Top Ten) :
« Horses of the World has the great Honour this year of awarding its prize also, to all the participants, contributors, creators and visitors to the Beni-Ammar Festival, and, through themselves, to the wonderful Moroccan people who managed to reconcile Modernity with the « poor parent » of Grand Prix horses, doubtlessly the people of today with most deserving four-legged companions of their ancestors. And all this, in the framework of a great cultural assembly, in a small city on a mountain side, that of Moulay Driss Zerhoune, near to the imperial Moroccan town of Meknès. This recognition on the part of our media is thus to reward the Mohammed Bellemou cousins, choristers of the Moroccan Culture and protectors of the most injustly contempted animal in the course of our history ».

***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****

People interested in encouraging, participating or simply in obtaining more information, may contact Mohammed Bellemou, joint-founder and organisor of the Festival of Beni-Ammar. Here are de details :

Mohamed Belmou
Tél : +212 6 61 86 97 11

NICOLAS SARKOZY et FRANCOIS HOLLANDE accordent une interview à PARIS-TURF entre les deux tours de la présidentielle du 6 mai 2012

C’est probablement une grande « première » dans le cadre d’une élection présidentielle en Europe:

NICOLAS SARKOZY et FRANCOIS HOLLANDE accordent une interview à Paris-Turf entre les deux tours de la présidentielle du 6 mai 2012

PARIS TURF met NICOLAS SARKOZY en vedette lors des élections présidentielles de mai 2012






Quelle n’aura pas été la surprise de milliers de turfistes et de professionnels du monde hippique en découvrant leur quotidien préféré les éditions des deux derniers samedis d’avril… !!? En effet, le « candidat sortant » ou le « Président candidat » ( selon les sensibilités politiques qui pourraient animer le lecteur) se trouvait sur la « une » du journal Paris-Turf, sur une photo prise à une tribune politique toute récente, une semaine après François Hollande qui lui aussi avait connu cet honneur.

Jusqu’ici, relativement peu d’hommes politiques se sont hasardés sur des champs de course ou se sont affichés sur des journaux hippiques, surtout en période d’élections au plus haut niveau de l’Etat.

Nicolas Sarkozy et François Hollande ont accordé une interview exclusive au quotidien des courses PARIS-TURF dans le cadre de l'élection présidentielle de 2012





« Les petits ruisseaux font les grandes rivières »

….voilà ce que le candidat Nicolas Sarkozy a du se dire en tentant de glaner de précieuses voix auprès d’ une filière hippique dont on dit depuis des décennies maintenant qu’elle est un secteur « sinistré »….mais qui survit tout de même.

En affirmant être « fortement attaché à la forme mutuelle des paris hippiques », Nicolas Sarkozy s’est posé en défenseur de la filière hippique française. Même si ses souvenirs du Monde du Cheval les plus marquants demeurent le regret de ne pas avoir pu assister à des courses sur l’hippodrome de Zonza, en Corse, et l’accueil reçu sur l’hippodrome de Deauville lors du G8 des 26 et 27 mai 2011, le Président –candidat ne manquera pas de se souvenir de ses promesses au monde hippique, bien sûr.


Gautier Demoulin wins the 21st Italian-French Challenge: Premio Cagnes-sur-Mer driving NOCEEN DE DIGEON  


Copyright Claudio Caldani

Copyright Claudio Caldani

Copyright Claudio Caldani

Copyright Claudio Caldani


G.M.T.'Time (Great Milanese Trotting-drivers)
Great harness-drivers of Milan dominate the international scene:



On the photo above, Jamil Boukarabila and Pietro "Pippo" Gubellini smile after a remarkable 2003 season during which they picked up distinctions on both sides of the italian borders, as the Great Milanese Trotting-drivers (G.M.T.) that they are.
The first named defended with honour the Italian colours at the World Professional Drivers' Championship which was held in August in Moscow (6th place despite a doubtful interpretation of the rules which did not allow him to substitute a lame horse before the start- and when at the end of the first part of this harness-trotting championship he was a good third, only a few points behind the two leaders- and it was only like this that the title of Vice-champion of the World (behind the french driver Dominik Cordeau) eluded him. Following this, Jamil Boukarabila, the only driver from Milan to come to reinforce a team composed mainly of drivers from the region of Padua and Trieste (Elena Cossar, Giuliano Simionato and Silvia Talpo) was also the only driver among the Italian and Russian professionals to be able to win a race on foreign soil. That was how he won the most important race in the Italo-Russian Championship held at Oufa in the Republic of Bachkortostan in front of packed stands on the occasion of the national festival, on the 11th October 2003. Several russian radio and television stations, broadcasting by satellite, contributed by means of their numerous interviews to cultivate the myth of this captain of the Italian team unbeaten in 10 years, since in 1995 Gabriele Baldi, Jamil Boukarabila, Sandro Capenti and Duccio Parenti offered themselves the first Italo-Russian Trotting Championship.
Pietro "Pippo" Gubellini, as for him, he beat his record of Grand Prix wins in one season by winning no less than 17 GP's. Here is a list of them:


So as to confirm his indisputable mastery, this Great Milanese Trotting-driver won his 17 GP's in 2003 driving 8 different horses and also was placed 20 times, winning a total of 1'622'136 euros. No other Italian driver deserves more than him the title of "Mr. Grand Prix" !!
Mauro Baroncini, winner of 6 GP's in 2003 and Tiberio Cecere (Criterium Partenopeo) complete, along with Jamil Boukarabila and Pietro "Pippo" Gubellini, this formidable troup of Milanese Trotting musketeers.

Gran Premio Nacional 2003 (Harness-races in Spain)  

Italian trotters (standardbreds) come back in strength

So, the "Varenne" phenomenon was not a flash in the pan, and the Isle of Majorca has not been spared by the in force of Italian trotters on racecourses in the whole world. In the Balearic Isles, for nearly fifty years, no italian trotter had been imported and the fresh stock of this speedy and manageable trotter were starting to cruelly make default at the time when the blood of Sharif di Jesolo was bestowing on world trotting a nobility that only horses like Speedy Crown, Super Bowl, or Kerjacques had been able to do. Thus, the last italian trotters in the memories of spanish turf enthusiasts had names like Diaspro, Petronio, but especially Frisso who became a classic stallion (see Gran Premio Nacional historic). It was from after the war, up to half-way through the sixties, with the exploits of the famous Tornese helping of course, to promote this secular breed. It was necessary to wait until the beginning of the new millenium for an Italian trotting stallion to disembark again in Palma de Mallorca. At the end of 2001, Jamil Boukarabila, a very active broker on all the european horse markets, decided, in fact, to offer the Balearic Isles the opportunity to use a trotting stallion which was a son of the great Sharif di Jesolo, one of the very last sons of the sire who had died several years before.


Peril di Rosa, a stallion of the future

Peril di Rosa (Sharif di Jesolo- Frosty Lb- Bourbon) has arrived in the Guiem Barcelo' stables in Manacor, where he has proved his class in racing, in spite of his twelve years and an already prestigious career in Italy, being classified in several top category events in Spain. Destined exclusively for reproduction from spring 2003, a role he excels in as much by his exceptional fertility (100%) as well as his talent for exercising a natural mounting both in hand and in liberty (!!) Having begun his stallion career in Spain in 2002, his first offsprings were born in spring 2003 and they agreably surprised both by their perfect morphology, very much in the Sharif di Jesolo type (bay, star on head, very solid on their feet) and their very imposing size if we compare them to Peril di Rosa who is not very big. In 2003, this italian stallion of great class (a faultless pedigree and greatly sought after the present time) was able to sire a dozen mares which should assure him of a much more active 2003 season, as the second season of a stallion is often the most critical. Breeders of trotters in Spain, having available a choice of french and american stallions of the most prestigious origins, are happy to be able to count on the new blood of Sharif di Jesolo and Bourbon, which will allow them to avoid too strong an inbreeding, especially as far as concerns the descendants of Speedy Crown and Super Bowl who are legion and we know that they marry very well with the sons and daughters of Sharif di Jesolo.

Heliana honours Peril di Rosa

By winning the Gran Premio Nacional 2003, the most prestigious event in the career of a spanish trotter, Heliana showed herself worthy of the breeding of the Italian trotter as the stallion Peril di Rosa is the only one representing natural reproduction in Mallorca.

In effect, Heliana is the daughter of the beautiful Italian Profumo OM, a trotter of great class with prestigious Americans origins and out of Allevamento Orsi Mangelli breeding farm, who won the Derby of Rome (in particular) and 527'000 euros after a short but effective career.

"Heliana's victory in the 2003 Gran Premio Nacional couldn't have happened at a better time to indicate the value of Peril di Rosa's young stallion career "stated Jamil Boukarabila, the manager of the Guiem Barcelo stable in the Balearic Islands- "and Spanish breeders must well realise that the precociousness of italian trotters and especially their manageability to take on tracks with very tight bends like those in Manacor (645 metres a lap), are great qualities !!


The Son Pardo' Race-track is at its most successful

For about ten years, the Consell de Mallorca (government of the autonomous community of the Balearics) and its political forces have worked in favour of trotting races on their territory in a remarkable way. The Son Pardo racecourse which boasts a track of 1000 meters of quality sand, coverted to the european standard since 2000, has only known such success with the island's public during the Gran Premio Nacional 2003, the trotting derby for three-year-olds in Spain.

Everybody did their bit, as much in the adversity of an epidemic which prevented the racetracks from opening for nearly two months as in favour of a first summer sunday spent with the family, and the small world of Spanish trotting succeeded in having full house on 22nd June 2003. The racecourse outskirts had never been so full of interminable lines of cars. From the adjacent road, autoroute, it could be easily seen that a great festival was taking place and that it was the place to be seen. Powerful representatives of the political parties as well as international football stars all crowded towards the structures of this Son Pardo racecourse which has a tormented history.

In fact, Son Pardo had been conceived as a giant project in the sixties and its promoters had been criticised for decades, and all the more as the upper stand structure had never been finished. But now that sufficient funds have been found and the public is turning up in large numbers, people have stopped criticising and begun praising.

At the height of the afternoon of the Gran Premio Nacional, the stands were full (photo) and all spectators were able to appreciate the great practicality of the Son Pardo racecourse, not only the floral and decorative areas in the inside of the track, but also the well-built paddocks and the stables distributed in autonomous units respecting a half-century of trotting history in Spain; the modernness of Son Pardo has not betrayed the original conception of its pioneers.

More than ten thousand spectators for this 2003 Gran Premio Nacional proved that trotting races (?) constitute the second most popular sporting spectacle of the island, just after football. The people of Artà, Manacor and Palma, all the clans of breeders, trainers, owners or simple fans all gathered around an exceptional event. The native filly Heliana daughter of an italian stallion just won the right race in front of her public.


What Jos Verbeeck says from Heliana

At the meeting of Avenches, on the swiss racecourse of IENA on the occasion of the "Prix du Président" won by Simb Moonrunner and Ulf Nordin, Jos Verbeeck gave some news about Heliana to his colleague and friend Jamil Boukarabila: "the spanish filly is being trained in Paris. She flies ! She has just done 1'14" but so easily ! What a pity she has not got enough winnings, otherwise she would have her first chance in the Gran Premio Orsi Mangelli at the beginning of November in Milan." To this, Jamil Boukarabila replied "I have never doubted the class of this filly, for what she did in the spanish Derby in Palma- I was there- was completely exceptional: to clock 1'17" over 2200 meters breaking away 40 meters in the last straight is a unique exploit in the anals of spanish trotting. Moreover, this year, races in the Balearic Isles have been stopped due to an epidemic of rhinopneumonia, which resulted in approaching the Derby event without the best preparation."

75'000 euros - 3 ans- 2200 mètres- autostart

1. HELIANA (Ch. Audebert) 1'17"5
2. HOSMORAMA MAR (B.Llobet R) 1'18"9
3. HUIDA BLAI (A.Tur) 1'19"3
4. HAMMER CAT (D.Fernandez) 1'19"6
5. HELEN GE (C.Cruellas) 1'19"8
6. HIPER BOWL (A.Riera B) 1'19"8
7. HOLE MIXO (S.Llobet) 1'19"9

HELIANA (Profumo OM- Emiliana) is owned by Cuadra Es Pou des Rafal and is trained by Damian Ginard.

(Les vainqueurs jusqu'à sa création en 1934)

annee nom du cheval origines Distance temps driver
2003 HELIANA Profumo OM-Emiliana 2200 1'17"5 Ch. Audebert
2002 GLASNY GOAL Armbro Goal- Rackartuss 2200 1'18"1 J.A.Riera
2001 FALAGUER Hogan Lobell- Numbela 2200 1'17"7 G. Pou
2000 ENIGMA DES BOSC Gobernador-Malacca Jet 2200 1'21"6 G. Pou
1999 DILUVI Empire Star-Princesa Meldg 2200 1'21"1 J.C. Rotger
1998 CASTER KID Tap Dance Kid-Perla 2200 1'20"4 S. Llobet
1997 BRIXON DE FRANCE Mersant H-Fille de France 2200 1'18"7 G. Pou
1996 AUBA DES ETANGS Nori des Etangs-Numbela 2200 1'20"9 J.A.Riera
1995 VELVET BLAI Townsman-Latina Hedevang 2200 1'20"8 J. Bauza
1994 UNICA DE BLAI Townsman-Catya JB 2200 1'20"5 G. Pou
1993 TAQUIN B Jaleo Piroska-Urania B 2200 1'21"6 J. Arnau
1992 SOCIO B Slogan- Azucena F 2200 1'23"0 A. Solivellas
1991 RIGGY Eliphar-Twiggy Pride 2200 1'22"9 J. Arnau
1990 PERLA DE ABRIL GS Helios CH-Higuela Mora 2200 1'22"6 T. Garcias
1989 NOSTRO VX Helios CH-Patt G 2200 1'24"8 J.Arnau
1988 MISI MAR Elios de Courcel-Ulla Bogo 2200 1'22"3 B.Estelrich
1987 LINA F Trotting B- Annette Dyrb. 2200 1'24"1 J. Ipsen
1986 JALEO PIROSKA Surgy Hanover-Annette Dyr. 2200 1'22"6 J. Ipsen
1985 HUDSON Ego-Turista Fox 2200 1'25"0 F.Abellan
1984 FILEO Equileo- Heliophile 2200 1'23"9 B.Estelrich
1983 ESCARCHA Caristoum- Agata 2200 1'27"3 S.Crespi
1982 DART HANOVER Glasny Hanover-Lucana 2200 1'27"3 B.Estelrich
1981 CARINO POWER Horsepower-Romantica A 2200 1'27"6 A.Solivellas
1980 BACARA Marloo- Terlina 2200 1'28"0 P.Galmes
1979 ALEX CB Tenderloin-Rikke Axwo 2200 1'25"3 J. Arnau
1978 ZAIDA II Oscar C II- Vodka II 2200 1'24"4 O.Barcelo
1977 VALIANT  Stia-Aliette Pelo 2200 1'28"1 B.Estelrich
1976 USA Y Horsepower-Queta Y 2200 1'31"7 J.Arnau
1975 TIUSKA HANOVER Y Dynamo-Fatima Sovang 2200 1'27"0 A.Daviu
1974 SURVARI Hourvari-Agar  2200 1'31"4 S.Crespi
1973 REY PIROSKA August Worthy-Neiba d'Or 2200 1'28"0 J.Ipsen
1972 QUIRALDA Hourvari-Eyda  2200 1'29"3 A. Pou
1971 PINERA Jasmin du Pont-Valona 2200 1'33"2 J.Oliver
1970 OLGA Y Chag Osterl- Ildfluen 2200 1'33"0 A.Pou
1969 NIC HANOVER Ecu d'Or D- Zoraida 2200 1'33"6 G.Prohens
1968 MISS PIROSKA Larca- Silva II 2200 1'32"4 O.Wagner
1967 LIRICA Korban-Roja 2200 1'35"4 S.Fuster
1966 JAMINA D'OR NL Ecu d'Or D-Oberive 2500 1'36"5 J.Coll
1965 ITU Ecu d'Or D-Naire 2500 1'38"0 J.Coll
1964  HAMBURGO Ecu d'Or D-Ana 2500 1'36"8 S.Fuster
1963 GENGIS KHAN Frisso-Ruticarla 2500 1'37"6 G.Coll
1962 FLICKA Ecu d'Or D-Trapisona 2500 1'34"6 J.Coll
1961 ESPANA S Verticille-Championne 2500 1'42"0 M.Salamanca
1960 DROMUNT Uranus M-Lamina 2500 1'43"2 J.Bauza
1959 CA QUIR VIN Vincennes-Quirla 2500 1'41"2 G.Mas
1958 BIRMANIA Vina Bird-Rimaya 2400 1'37"9 B.Llobet
1957 ALCINA V Frisso- Janina 2400 1'44"9 C.Eulogio
1956 ZINGARA Frisso- Ruti Carla 2500 1'40"4  B.Fullana
1955 VEDA Renom-Eneida 2500 1'35"2 P.Moll
1954 USAR  Rango Mai-Jaca 2500 1'38"4 J.Mir
1953 TARDIO Rango Mai-Jaca 2500 1'40"8 A.Molinas
1952 SILVA Frisso-Marta 2500 1'35"6 R.Sala
1951 ROYAL Renom- Cantarina 2500 1'38"0 S.Fuster
1950 QUINTERO Roitelet II- Merling 2500 1'41"8 G.Coll
1949 PERFIL Espana- Ceda II 2500 1'41"6 S.Fuster
1948 ORILLA Abadypile-Jarilla 2500 1'40"4  G.Coll
1947 NELSONA Espana- Estrella 2500 1'42"4 L.Clar
1946 MARTEL Baba- Diana 2500 1'36"1 M.Forteza
1945 LINCOLN Baba- Dalia 2500 1'44"7 M.Forteza
1944 JINETA Angelus II-Alsacia 2500 1'44"6 J.Barcelo
1943 IMPAR Baba- Roja 2500 1'41"4 J.Mora
1942 HOMERO Abadypile-Auberive 2500 1'44"8 B.Fiol
1941 GAS Baba- Farola 2500 1'45"2 L.Clar
1940 FARO III Boree-Bellegarde 2500 1'49"0 M.Canellas
1939 ESPANOL  Sarcus-Moca 2500 1'44"8 G.Coll
1938 DIANA J.Hunfast-Theodora  2500 1'56"4 S.Jaume
1937 CE BONITA Athos-Pajarita 2500 1'41"0 M.Daviu
1936 BELLVER U.D.L.-Theodore 2500 1'53"0 B.Amengual
1935 AMILCAR Sermoise-Olga 2500 1'38"0 A.Femenias
1934 TRINI II Sermoise-Corman 2500 1'52"4 B.Estelrich
Horse racing in Switzerland 2003  

Les courses de chevaux en Suisse sont l'objet d'un engouement constant depuis près d'un siècle en Suisse romande et en Suisse alémanique. Dans les trois disciplines, le programme offre des opportunités intéressantes à des concurrents étrangers en quête d'une notoriété internationale. En plat notamment, on court régulièrement  à un très bon niveau, et des galopeurs de valeur "courses de groupe" viennent de tous pays avoisinants pour tenter de remporter le très convoité Grand Prix de Saint-Moritz en hiver sur la neige, et le classique SWISS DERBY de Frauenfeld de la mi-juin.


Les propriétaires ou entraîneurs intéressés à courir ponctuellement en Suisse peuvent s'adresser aux secrétariats respectifs.


Pour le galop:

Les Longs-Prés
tel. 0041.26.6767640 / 48
fax. 0041.26.6767649

Pour le trot:

Les Longs -Prés
tel. 0041.26.6767630 / 38
fax. 0041.26.6767639


15.06 Frauenfeld DAVIDOFF- 23e SWISS DERBY
24.08 Zürich Prix de Diane
31.08 Lucerne 67e Grand Prix de la Ville de Lucerne
07.09 Lucerne St. Léger
14.09 Aarau Championnat des Trotteurs
28.09 Zürich GP Jockey-Club/ SWISS CLASSIC
05.10 Aarau GP Suisse
16.11 Avenches GP du Trotting/ GP des 4-Ans
Quelles perspectives pour le Pari Mutuel Italien?  

Zucchero Om et
Pasquale Esposito


Les courses de chevaux en Italie, qui représente un secteur bien enraciné dans la société depuis le début du siècle dernier, avec plus de 30'000 travailleurs, vivent actuellement immergés dans de profond paradoxes. Malgrés un excellent niveau technique d'élevage (surtout en ce qui concerne les trotteurs) et du spectacle donné sur les hippodromes, on arrive  pas à juguler l'hémorragie du public.
La "désertification" des tribunes a fortement réduit le potentiel d'un secteur qui ne s'appuie désormais plus que sur les paris drainés par les agences du PMU. Le drainage de ces paris est effectué par   865 "agences hippiques" dont le  70% est lié au SNAI (une holding cotée en bourse), le 30% restant étant réparti entre les sociétés Strike et Matchpoint. En 2000, le volume des enjeux italiens (PMH et PMU confondus) a atteint la somme de 3'825 milliards de Lit à laquelle vient encore s'ajouter les 1900 milliards de Lit obtenus par la "TRIS" (équivalent du Tiercé français) qui peut s'appuyer sur un réseau bien mieux réparti dans tout le pays.

Le business des paris sur les chevaux (et les paris sportifs en général) prévoit qu'un part minimum du total des enjeux soit attribué au CONI (le Comité Olympique Italien qui inclu tous les sports) et à l'UNIRE (un organisme d'état gérant les courses au trot et au galop). Ce minimum est calculé sur la base des prévisions des enjeux et représente une part d'environ 10% du total de ces enjeux. Or, en l'an 2000, L'UNIRE aurait dû encaisser des agences du PMU un minimum garanti de 650 milliards, alors qu'il n'a percu que 380 milliards. La raison en est que, pour l'emporter sur la concurrence et obtenir une concession, beaucoup d'agence de pari mutuel ont annoncé des prévisions d'enjeux bien supérieurs aux chiffres finalement réalisés. Ces agences ne peuvent donc pas s'acquitter du minimum garanti dû à l'UNIRE et au CONI.

On passe donc d'une situation d'économie florissante à celle de crise qui pourrait être manifeste dans les bilans de prévisions pour les années à venir. Quoi qu'il en soit, l'UNIRE a fixé à 540 milliards de Lire à répartir entre le trot (60%) et le galop (40%) pour l'année 2001, ce qui représente une augmentation de 20% par rapport à l'année dernière.


Un fils de Sharif di Iesolo etalon en Espagne hiver 2001/2002  

Peril di Rosa  (A.Napolitano)
vole vers une facile victoire sur
l'hippodrome romain de Tor-Di-Valle 


Début septembre 2001, le trotteur italien PERIL DI ROSA est arrivé aux Baléares en provenance de l'Italie où il avait achevé l'an dernier une très belle carrière en compétition. Totalisant près de 400 millions de lire de gains, cet excellent cheval a accompli l'essentiel de sa carrière sous les ordres de l'entraîneur toscan Duccio Parenti, et son record personel est 1'15'' sur 2040 mètres avec départ aux élastiques.
Jamil Boukarabila à signé le transfert du fils de SHARIF DI IESOLO pour le compte de son nouveau propriétaire espagnol, Guillermo Barcelò-Gaya, et s'est aussi engagé à suivre le cheval dans la phase de préparation à des épreuves de trot puis dans sa nouvelle carrière d'étalon. Le manager de PERIL DI ROSA s'explique ainsi: "il y a longtemps que je souhaitais introduire le sang du chef de race italien SHARIF DI IESOLO en Espagne, or, le temps pressait puisque désormais les tout derniers fils du célébre reproducteur sont eux-mêmes agés maintenant et qu'on n'en trouve pratiquement plus en compétition aujourd'hui. Avec Peril di Rosa nous avions une double opportunité, d'abord en trouvant un cheval "neuf" qui restait sur une victoire facile lors de sa dernière apparition en compétition, et ensuite de par l'extraordinaire lignée maternelle de laquelle descend le cheval, le frère de sa mère n'étant autre que le "derby winner" OFFEN LB, étalon pour le compte de la très fameuse écurie Orsi-Mangelli.
PERIL DI ROSA fera sans doute une réapparition en compétition avant la fin de l'année, mais son programme ne devrait comporter que quelques courses de prestige avant son départ pour un haras espagnol.

14 octobre 2001 Gran Premio Gaetano Turilli
Attelé - 220.800.000 lires - 2100m

Enfin décidé à voyager et à se battre contre les meilleurs trotteurs européens sans le soutien moral des ses milliers de fans suédois, VICTORY TILLY a donc remporté sa première course hors de Scandinavie. Hongre, le protégé de S.H. Johansson n'a, il est vrai, pas toute liberté de guerroyer dans les meilleures épreuves, les classiques françaises lui étant fermées.Rendez-vous suivant pour VICTORY TILLY avec l'élite internationale des chevaux d'âge ce fut le 1er novembre à San Siro dans le G.P Nazioni (le jour de l'ORSI MANGELLI). où il s'est imposé facilement après avoir contrôlé la course. Cette ultime victoire couronne une saison remarquable dont la récompense de prestige pour VICTORY TILLY demeure le "grand circuit international" pour la deuxième fois.


1 VICTORY TILLY 1'12''9 S.H. Johansson
2 SOLAR EFFE 1'13''0 P. Gubellini
3 ZINZAN BROOKE TUR 1'13''2 M. Smorgon
4 ETAIN ROYAL 1'13''2 J. Kontio
5 REMINGTON CROWN 1'13''2 J. Verbeek
12 partants

Classement définitif 2001

1. Victory Tilly 15 points
2. Varenne + Gobernador 10 points
4. Giant Cat + Igor Brick + Etain Royal 8 points
7. Blue Figther 7 points
8. Giesolo de Lou, BWT Magic, Not A Spacecase, Allison Hollow, Brads Photo 5 points


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