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Horses Of The World SPECIAL AWARD
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The site was begun at the end of 1999 on the impetus of a great friend of the horse who had worked a great deal so that the most Noble conquest of man had a worthy life under whatever latitude it may be, both in the country as well as on competition grounds. Around him, other people gathered with the same goal of promoting the image of the horse and his most deserving partners, afterwards carying the flame of this non profit making enterprise. Since the year 2000 Jamil Boukarabila has been the permanent equine consultant for the management of the site.

The « Horses of the World Special Award » is a prize of international scope which was created and awarded for the first time in 2012, to express a special recognition towards a person, a group of people or an organisation having accomplished during the course of the year work or an action worthy of a particular interest and intimately linked to the world of the horse or equines in general. Whether they be sportsmen, artists or simply ordinary every day people in the framework of an activity linked to the equine world. This distinction is awarded in principle at the beginning of the year to consecrate the winners of the previous year.

Proposals for the nominations of candidates for the « Horses of the World Special Award » are accepted throughout the year at the site address, and all people who want to do so are received there. The Jury is traditionally formed by friends of the horse who have perpetrated the free, independant spirit of ; its composition varies each year and is not publicaly announced.



Honours’ List :

2015 - Frédy Knie Jr


2014 - Not awarded


2013 - Festi Baz (Moulay Driss Zerhoune - Maroc)


2012 - Flying Anvil Foundation (Geneva - Switzerland)