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J Cappelli - Shine Mosaique


In the category "Equestrian Art" we are putting on sale artists' works by animal painters having a predilection for the horse.
The artists concerned can contact us to expose their works on the site, the main theme being always a particular horse or the horse in general.
Please reserve the work of your choice by calling us on: +41.79.332.06.80 or faxing on: +41.21.544.13.24 .



Trinité automne - Ceramic and varnished cement mosaic. Ocre-red stone frame. 130 x 105 cm.



Trinité été - Mosaic of glass paste, painting and varnished cement. Green-grey stone frame. 130 x 105 cm.



Trinité hiver - Mosaic of ceramic, mirror and painting. Marble frame. 130 x 105 cm.



Trinité printemps - Painting, mosaic of mirror and transparent glass. Honey stone frame. 130 x 105 cm.



Hugo - Ceramic and varnished cement mosaic. Frame in wood mosaic. 120 cm diameter



Kuklos - Mosaic of ceramic and mirror. Simple edge. 150 x 200 cm.



Ame - Painting, marble and glass mosaic. Without frame. 70 x 90 cm.



N.B. : All pieces are unique and will never be the object of a remake. Possibility of specialised work, free on theme or from a picture, all dimensions.

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